Hi Beautiful, Today I am going to share a review on purple Holographic Nail powder which I bought  from Born Pretty store. You can find it on their site with the name 1g/Box Holographic Laser Powder Nail Glitter Gorgeous Glitter Powders 6 Colors  or using a product ID # 34261
There are total 6 colours available of which I have bought three colours i.e. Blue, Purple and Green. You can check my previous post for more details. Today I am feeling lazy to write all the details again as I already have reviewed this powder on my Instagram Account so I am copying it from Insta account. 
Holy Holo…To create these look you need…

1) Purple Holo laser powder from @bornprettystore (item ID : 34261, colour: Purple)

2) No wipe gel top coat from @bornprettystore or you can use your own no wipe gel top coat. 

3) Any black gel polish to use as a base.

4) Any shiny top gel 
Here I am wearing clear false nail tips from @bornprettystore. (Item ID : 36948) I used nail art practice display stand false tip holder (Item ID : 40861) to paint false tips.  And pressed them on my nails using adhesive glue stick from @bornprettystore which is removable reusable and non toxic (Item ID : 32324). It’s good if you want to wear false tips for a short period.


These powders work with gel polishes only. Start with a base color (I  use black gel as my base). Apply any no wipe top coat or you can directly apply the powder on any base color. Cure your base gel or top gel half way, i.e. if your final curing time is 3o seconds, then cure base gel for 15 seconds, rub or dab the powder on top of it, cure the gel again for 15 seconds and now apply a top coat and cure it fully to get a smooth shiny finish. Here I have dabbed the powder. The look will be different depending upon the style of applicaiton. If you want to see that classic linear holo effect then rub a powder and if you want to see a holo glitter effect then dab a powder. 

Have you used any Laser Powder from Bornpretty store? How was your experience? Would love to hear about it. Hope you have enjoyed the post.

Thank you so much for taking time to visit. 🙂