Hi Gorgeous! As promised in my last post here I am going to share holographic laser powders I have bought from Born Pretty Store. And believe me they are mesmerizing.
I have bought total 10 pots of lovely holo powders. Here in a picture below you can see swatch of every powder over black gel polish. I have used Born Pretty’s no wipe top gel coat to apply holo powder. These powders works best with no wipe top gels. The application of the powder is little bit tricky so here is a tip I want to share with you. If you have used these powder and you have different experience please share it in a comment. I would love to hear about your experience. 🙂
These powders work with gel polishes only. Start with a base color (I  use black gel as my base). Apply any no wipe top coat or you can directly apply the powder on any base color. Cure your base gel or top gel half way, i.e. if your final curing time is 3o seconds, then cure base gel for 15 seconds, rub or dab the powder on top of it, cure the gel again for 15 seconds and now apply a top coat and cure it fully to get a smooth shiny finish. Here I have dabbed the powder. The look will be different depending upon the style of applicaiton. If you want to see that classic linear holo effect then rub a powder and if you want to see a holo glitter effect then dab a powder.


In a picture below I have added the numbers of a product in case if you too are tempted to buy any one or all of them.You can use my 10% off code (NFAW10) which is applicable on all full price products.  I am sure you will defenetly make your mind to try these powders by the time you will finish reading this post. 😉
Excuse me for posting so many pictures…but I just can’t control…<3

And here are videos of all these pretty pots in motion. <3


Thank you so much for taking time to read such a long post.




  1. wow…all of them are so so gorgeous. I havent tried the holo powder yet, but I will definitely be trying it on regular polish

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