Hi, Today I am sharing my new stamping nailart which I did using various BornPrettyStore’s products. I have also tried to capture steps to create these look, which you can see in two collages below.
I am using false nail tips as I doubt gel products are irritating my skin. I will be back with manis on my natural nails as soon as my skin will heal properly. I will recommend Born Pretty Store gel products for beginners. If you are having sensitive skin like me, do a patch test. It’s not necessary that you get reaction in first use of gel products. It may affect your skin after several uses.
Let’s get back to a manicure
My base polishes are from Juice Cosmetics India which you can see in a collage below. I first painted with black polish and than with a lovely peacock green polish with gold shimmer.
I have used white 15ml BORN PRETTY Nail Art Stamping Polish Newly Sweet Style Nail Polish. It works beautifully. I was able to pick a clear image from  a plate.
Next product that I have used here is a lovely Clear Handle Rectangle Nail Stamper Silicone Jelly Head with Scraper Nail Art Tool. Here I am adding a reference image from BPS site. I like the square shape and a cute little scraper came with it.  Before you use it for the first time rub the stamper with rubbing alcohol 3-4 times to take out the sticky layer. Otherwise you won’t be able to pick an image from plate. I didn’t face any problem working with it and just love it. Will definitely recommend it if you are in search of a new stamper.

Next product used here is a lovely BORN PRETTY Stamping Template Triangle Rhombus Rectangle Manicure Nail Art Image Plate BP-L075 The plate has a lovely pattern, and you know how much I love patterns so I have to buy it and I am super happy with my purchase. The patterns are very well engraved and can easily get transferred on a stamper. I didn’t find any problem with a plate. Don’t forget to remove a blue film before using a plate and clean with a rubbing alcohol to get a crisp and clear image. 
Have you noticed a common thing in all images. Yes, it’s a BORN PRETTY Silicone Stamping Mat 21*15cm Foldable Washable Pad with Box Manicure Nail Art Tool  I haven’t used it for the thing it’s actually made, but still I am already liking it a lot. It’s saving my desk from polish stains and other mess when I do manicures and making cleaning a lot of an easy task. Will soon make some decals using the mat and will share my review. Here is a reference image of a mat from BPS site. 
 Here are collages showing steps and products to create this manicure.   The last product that I have used is 10ml BORN PRETTY No Smudge Top Coat Oil Nail Art Stamping Printed Care.  It’s a wonderful top coat. Fast drying and no smudge as promised. I already have finished half of the bottle and I am going to repeat it. The bottle is so pretty and a big square cap is actually a protecting cap. Remove it and you will see a small round cap holding a brush. Very easy to apply and you can drag it on your mani without a worry because it’s not going to smudge anymore. 🙂

I know it was a very long post, but I hope it wasn’t a boring one. Thank you so much for taking time to read it. I would love to hear your thoughts. Have you tried any of these products? How’s your experience?




  1. I hope that your skin and your nails will recover soon and without problems! 🙂
    Allergic reactions are serious problems and yes, it's important to have good quality products!
    I never had problems with Born Pretty Store products and I've really used a lot of nail polishes, UV gel polishes and other products. They also try to help their customers when there's something wrong with the product, when the product arrives damaged, and I think that it's important to know that Customer Service will always give you help that you need.

    I don't have the stamping plate BP-L075, it has very interesting patterns and I like how your manicure came out! 🙂

    I got the same stamper few weeks ago, I still haven't tried it, but it seems working nicely! 🙂

    At the end, I can confirm that the silicone stamping mat is very useful thing for us who like nail art and stamping! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for your wishes! Yes, Born Pretty Store is the one I trust a lot and I too never have any problem with any product. I have recently bought one URSugar gel polish, one URSugar clear Sculpting gel, blooming gel and top and base gel. They are all in good condition except that no wipe top coat which unfortunately wasn't in a good condition and I just throw it away because I don't wanted to take any chance/risk for my already damaged skin.

    The stamper works like a charm. I am sure you are going to use it a lot.

  3. I heard a few people that have problems/ allergies because of gel polishes but not because of a particular brand. I never hard any problems with any kind of brand and I really hope that I never will. I like the reviews you made and the mani looks nice. Take care and wish you all the best with your problems!