Today I am sharing a lovely manicure I did few days back on top of a beautiful yellow URSUGAR color gel soak off UV/LED polish from BornPrettyStore. You can find it on their website with the name 1 Bottle 7.5ml UR SUGAR Soak Off UV Gel Polish Yellow Series Pure Color Nail Art Gel Polish 617-632  (Product ID : # 40914).  You can find various colors in these series, mine is #624.
Here in a picture below I am wearing 3 thin coats sealed under BornPretty’s no wipe top gel (Product ID: #39795) on false tips (Product ID: #36948)  Each layer of gel polish is cured under 12W LED Lamp for 30 seconds. I didn’t find any problem to apply the polish. I like the product. It works great. 
 Later on I added some art on top of a polish. I have tried a very different pattern than my regular patterns. I was inspired from Japanese Nail art style and wanted to create a unique pattern and so after brain storming I came out with these pattern and I absolutely love it. I wanted to use foils and blooming gel which I bought from Born Pretty store as it was my first time using both of them. 
 The new blooming gel by Born Pretty Store works beautifully. It allows the polish to spread like water colour and creates a lovely pattern. I drew marble effect using blooming gel on my thumb,first and ring fingers using red and green gel polishes. All you have to do is apply blooming gel as you apply a top coat and then take any gel polish of your choice and drop/draw the pattern before curing the blooming gel. Wait till you get a desired result and then cure it. You can create lovely marble, feather, flower effect in a unique way using blooming gel.  You can find it on BPS site using the name 10ml-born-pretty-white-clear-blooming-long-lasting-soak-manicure-nail-blossom-p-41189.html (Product ID: #41189). They are having clear and white blooming gels. I bought clear one so that I can use it with any colour polish.
Foils and studs completed the overall look of a mani. Foil Glue (Product ID: #33819) Nail Foils (Product ID: #39349)  and studs (Product ID : 39589) too are from Born Pretty Store. Colourful mini rhine stones and caviar beads are also from Born Pretty store which I got for a review in the past. Check out my manis using Rhine stones and beads HERE and HERE

Thank you so much for taking time to visit.

Hope you enjoyed the post and mani as much as I enjoyed writing  and creating. How do you like the mani? Would love to hear your thoughts.




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