Today, I am exited to share my nailart which I created for a weekly challenge by an awesome FB group called ‘Tiny Canvas’.  This weeks’ challenge is to create ‘Earth Day’ nailart.

There are many inspirational manis that fits exactly to the theme. I am not such a good painter so I was looking for something that I can dare to paint and something that’s colourful and resembles our mother nature. So here I am with my Earth Day mani for which I was inspired by an image I saw on ‘Shutter Stock’ (Inspirational image in above picture).

I was happy with final outcome, except my ring finger where I messed up with that yellow flower while adding a top coat :(….My favourite is a thumb. It’s perfect and exactly as per my expectation. I started with a white base and rest of the things are handpainted using acrylic colors and a liner brush.
What do you say? Like it or leave it? Here are few more clicks. Hope you will enjoy! 🙂

Thank you so much for taking time to visit! See you soon with new manicure.





  1. Hi dear! I am so happy to read your kind words, but believe me it's not that much difficult, all you need is bit practice. You too are a wonderful artist. Thank you so much for taking time to comment! 🙂