Today, I am sharing my swatch and review of another Elle 18 color pop number 91 named ‘Mauvy Nishika’.
This one too is a pretty pastel shade. Easy to work. It’s creamy and perfectly opaque in two coats. Dries out fast and shiny. You see in the picture below are two coats without top coat. As you know I bought this pops at 20% discount, few polishes are one year old, this one too is packed on 6/2015. And it’s still fresh and easy to apply. The shopkeeper told me that, it’s having 36 moth shelf life. So let’s see for how many time can I wear it without adding thinner. 😉

 Later on I added some flowers and dots on top of it. I was completely inspired by very talented IG Nailartist @cottonconey. She is amazing and she creates miracles on her short nails. Many of you might already following her and if not then just go and see amazing freehand nailart on her page.

Well let’s come back to my nailart. I know it’s not perfect and I really need to work hard to get those fine details on short canvas. But I am not totally unhappy with how it turned out. It’s pleasing my eyes and hope you too will like it.

 Thank you so much for taking time to visit, reading and commenting. I love to hear you. See you with new color pop swatch and hopefully some nailart too.