Take a deep breath….because festivity is in the air here in India….to name few are #navratri, #diwali …so coming months are full of colors,happiness,blessings,divinity,fun,sweet,juicy, blah blah blah…. 😉

Coming soon is the biggest dance festival of world. A nine days long Navratri festival is the identification of Gujarat state. Click here if you want to know more about Navratri. If you want a glimpse of it click here. Being a Gujarati, I love this festival, the costumes, the energy…. (Although I never go out for Garba…still the name ‘Navratri’ itself is so electrifying, that it energise you whenever you hear it.)

Let me take a chance to wish all the Navratri lovers a very happy, colorful and safe navratri in advance.

As I am smelling Festivity in the air, I have decided to add some festivity in my manicures too. Also learning to paint my nails with brush, so will try to add freehand desings too.

So, let’s begin the celebration… :-))))) ‘eeee haaaalllloooooo…. ‘ (meaning ‘Let’s Go’)


Base: Cosmic Crush from Natural Collection by Boots
Top : NYC Starry Silver Glitter

And here are few more clicks….


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  1. Happy Navratri! I am so excited for the festival season.
    Your mani is gorgeous. I cant wait to see more of your festival nail arts.


  2. Thank you…Thank you so much Hema… 🙂 A very happy Navratri to you tooo… 🙂