Hi! Today I am sharing my new nail set I did few days back. Here are the details of the products used to create the look. I love how beautiful those DIY marble studs buttons are looking.

Flase Tips: Born Pretty Store Product ID :  39623. I can’t find the link on BPS site as it might be out of stock.

Base Color: Black Gel polish from Melody Susie.

Nail Foil Glue: Born Pretty Store. Product ID: 33819

Nail Foils: Born Pretty Store. Product ID: 39349 I have used Silver and Holo Gold foils here.

Nail Strip: Silver Nail strip I bought from Ebay.

Silicon Stamping Mat: Born Pretty Store. Product ID: 34555  I used the mat to make a marble decal using black and white regular polishes. Cut the decal in small round pieces using punching machine. Stick it using clear gel polish from Born Pretty Store.

Nail Builder Gel: Born Pretty Store. URSugar Clear builder gel. Product ID: 40882. Applied thick layer of builder gel on top of a round piece of marble decal. Cured it under 12W LED lamp from Melody Susie.

Hope you enjoyed the post. I will see you with my first Unicorn Nails.

Thank you so much for taking time to visit.



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