Today I am exited to share my first ever mani recreation. It’s from one of  My Pinterest board named “I LiKe Em N WaNna Try Em”. I normally pin those manicures on this board, which I like and want to recreate on my nails…it’s kind of my To Do List. And finally I started recreating this looks. First  Manicure  I recreated is by Kolormekarma … #cysnspired

She is a wonder wonderful artist and I simply like her designs… Her IG id is @kolormekarma. You can stop by here to get some inspiration.

Let me admit that I am at no where compared to Kolormekarma,it’s just a humble try on recreating one of her finest manicures. (Phwww…recreation is quite a tuff job….need to take so much care that our recreation atleast don’t ruine the beauty of original masterpiece.)

This is a screen shot from my pinterest board of original masterpiece by kolormekarma.

Here, I have made some color changes as I wasn’t having exact color match. So I just picked the colors I liked to recreate this manicure.

I normally don’t like to use acrylic colors…because when someone asks me that have you did this manicure using nailpolish only? I feel proud to say ‘Yes’…but here in this mani I wanted to use either yellow or orange nailpolish and I found that I am running out of both of the shades…so I finally chose Orange acrylic color. 🙁 You can see how poor I am in using acrylic color.

I liked the final look of this manicure. Hope you will like it. Here are few more clicks.


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  1. Gorgeous Mani. Its as beautiful as the original design. Well done.