Today I am very very exited to share my recreation of one and only, super talented Raggio Di Luna. She is simple yet very elegant.

Her nailart style is totally different and you will be amazed when you see her creating super cool designs on her super sweet short nails. ( I just love her nails <3).

Check out her blog here,and I gurantee you will not be able to stop yourself browsing pages. As she has inspired me a lot, my to do list is full of her cute nailart I want to recreate on my nails.

Here is my very first attempt to recreate her very recent manicure yellow narcissus. Check out full details of this cute mani here.

Here is the original master piece I tried to recreate. So clean and so pretty. <3

And here is my version. Oppsss… I messed up. :(((. I wanted to continue my festival mani series, so I chose to add gliter and wanted bit dark flowers. Well, this didn’t look wise choice. I am really very poor in painting with a brush and you can see it here. Still I am not totally dissatisfied with a final look. A closer look is bit horrible, but still it’s looking pretty enough to attract my eyes on it. 😉


And here are few more pics…

Hope you enjoyed this post. Will love to hear you and see you soon with new manicure. Till then stay connected.  🙂

Thank you for Visiting, Reading/Commenting.



  1. Thank you for mentioning me and my blog and thank you for all your kind words! 🙂 I'm happy if my manicure inspired you and I like your version 🙂
    Yes, generally drawing is not easy and drawing on "canvas" that is so small is even more difficult 🙂
    You added glitter and that's something that I wouldn't do, because I always want to make accent nails "pop-up", so my other nails are just covered with plain colour. But, of course, it's just something that I prefer… if you like glitter it's normal that you can put also the glitter, the first person that should enjoy your manicure is YOU… and then the others, your readers and followers! 🙂
    You know, I had much longer nails when I started blogging, something like 3 years ago (look here… but, during last year I'm fighting with the length of my nails and they are often much shorter than I would like them to be… but I work in a supermarket, with boxes, metal coins, so my nails get damaged very easily… So, I just have to get used to have shorter nails and try to decorate them the best way I can! 🙂

  2. I am soooooo Glad to know you liked my version (despite of all mess up I did). Cheers!!! ;-). Yes you are super talented and you are inspiring so many nailart lovers like me. Actually, yes..I love glitter but the main reason behind adding glitters in my manis is that,here in India it's a month of festival and that's why I am adding some glitter in my manis to bring festival look into it. And want to continue till Diwali.

    And you know what, whenever I dream of short nails,I imagine of your nails only. Actually I too fight a lot to maintain this nail length and whenever I manage cracks in my nails and I needed to cut them, I take a look at your nails and try to beautify them like you do. But I always failed to make them look as fab as yours. To be very frank, your nails never allowed me to realize that they are actually small. But believe me, it's only you who can manage this nail length in such a cute and creative way. In fact, I like this version of your nails compared to the older one. I feel that this nail length has pulled out the best artist hidden inside.. 😉 hahaha… 🙂

    Once again thank you so very much for your appreciation. You are wonder wonderful artist and I admire you a lot. 🙂