Hi there, Nice to see you after a long blog break. Today I am going to share swatches of two lakme and one VOV polish and a simple dotticure on top of lakme’s Red Allure.

First in line is 402 Red Allure from Lakme’s Classics collection. Not much impressed with a shade. It’s a regular red shade with golden shimmer which looks good in a bottle, but unfortunately that shimmer doesn’t stand out when you apply a polish on nails.

Lakme’s polishes are having good shelf life and so when I opened this 2 years old bottle, the paint was fresh, thin and easy to apply. Need to look after near cuticles as it’s bit runny. you see in the picture below are three coats with a top coat. I like paints by lakme but do not like bottles and especially those caps.

Later on I added some dots on top of red allure to create a simple mani. Easy and attractive. Isn’t it?

Second in line is one of lakme’s trendy coral color paint I own. It’s no. 501, and it has no name. I already have shared and reviewed this pretty shade on my Instagram page. Below in the picture you see are three coats with a top coat. This one too is almost two years old baby, and yet as fresh as newly packed. So, it’s 5 out of 5 from me for the quality of paint.
And the last one is from VOV’s mosaic collection. This one too has already been shared and reviewed on my insta page. It’s a lovely leaf green polish with matt tiny black glitters. You see in the picture are three coats with a top coat. Application is lit bit tricky but very easy. 

Hope you enjoyed the post.Thank you for taking to visit, read and giving me your precious comments.

See you soon. Take care.



  1. Hi dear! I'm so happy to see you back! I like a lot the VOV nail polish and also the first manicure! You are super precise. A big hug =)

  2. Also glad to see you back – I hope the break did you well <3 Fabulous manicure from the queen of patterns!! These polishes all look great, that is fantastic that the polish applied as new! I am loving the last one from the mosaic collection!

  3. Woho….Doing happy dance after reading your comment! Thanks a million. Glad you like it! <3

  4. Welcome back. I do not know the brand you showed us today, but I see in the pictures that they are very pretty nail polishes and look wonderful on you. Cute nail art too!