Hello Ladies, Hows your weekend? Mine is exciting one as I am sharing my nail mails received in the last month

First in line is a nail mail from Born Pretty Store. It was heartbreaking to see a damaged parcel after waiting for one month. But BPS was kind enough to give me a coupon as a return of my two broken stamping polish bottles. I got Jelly stamper, scraper, set of full size stamping polishes (it was a set of 6 bottles of which black and white was broken in a transportation) and a stamping plate.
I will review this products separately in my next post. You can get 10% off on your orders using my code NFAW10 on all non discounted items.

Most exciting one is 12W LED lamp by Melody Susie. I was damn curious to try gel polishes, but at the same time was very afraid of trying it and I think that’s what a mind set of every nail artist who has never tried gel system and yet drooling over it after watching others using it in normal. So after thinking and searching, I decided to buy Melody Susie lamp and gel polish from the same brand. MS is an American brand and lamps are made in China. Here is a link to product details.http://www.melodysusie.com/products/product_detail/VIOLETILI-12W-LED-Lamp-Nail-Dryer-Black
I tried to contact MS via email and Instagram, but I didn’t get response from them, so finally I managed to buy it from Amazon UK site, with the help of my brother.
I also have bought a set of six one step gel polishes by MS. Here is a product details on their site.

Below is an inside look of a lamp, very convenient, absolutely light weight and portable. It’s a perfect lamp to fit all five fingers at a time. I love it.

Here I am trying my very first gel mani. I can’t tell you how exited was I when I put my hand inside a lamp. I followed the instructions and was able to do my first gel mani successfully. ☺☺☺

Below in the picture, I am wearing first polish from the set named Elegant magenta – a gel with shimmer. It was a pleasant experience to wear gel, as I didn’t feel weight on my nails. You see in the picture are three thin coats. Each coat is cured for 30 seconds under the lamp.
I loved the bottle and color both. Average wearing life of this one step polish for me was one week without chip, with normal working(including light dish wash job and cleaning, need to check with a heavy kitchen and cleaning work). After 10 days it started chipping from tips and on 12th day I was able to peel it off like a normal polish, It didn’t even need to soak in acetone. But that can’t be the case every time. Need to be careful while taking gels off and follow the instructions.
Below is a click before I applied a top coat. It looks shiny and smooth without top coat. Normally One step gels don’t require base and top gels, but I recommend Top Gel for a long lasting mani,
A macro… ☺
How pretty and shiny it looks under bright sunlight.

Later I added some leafs using white acrylic paint and sealed under a top gel.

Next is a set of base and top gel coats by Bundle Monster, which again was bought from Amazon UK site. Bundle monster doesn’t ship polishes to India.

Here you see Elegant Magenta under the top coat by B.M.C. It required 30 seconds to cure under LED light and there was no or very little sticky layer on nails, which I wiped using lint free wipes and Mylee’s Nail Gel Polish Prep wipe. Oh yes, forgot to mention that I also bought set of Mylee’s Nail Gel Polish Prep wipe and Gel Remover. Lint free wipes and finger tips to remove nail polish especially gel. Which you can see in a second picture above.


That’s all for this post. Will see you with new gel mani.
Thank you so much for taking time to Visit. ☺




  1. Hi dear! What a wonderful manicure and wow how many pretty new things to try! Gel nail polishes are a completely mistery for me….. 😀

  2. Gel Manis were the most mysterious for me too, but after using above kit, I can safely say that it's not at all tricky. Give it a try, I am sure you will love it! Between thanks so much for your kind words. 🙂

  3. Haha…that's so nice to hear my name in British accent. Between those leafs are hand drawn… that's quite an overwhelming moment to know it looks like stamped mani. Thanks so much for your appreciation Ithi! 😉

  4. Nail mail days are the best! Shame about the broken bottles. I am curious to read your review of that clear stamper because that is the only one I didn't like among the few ones I have tried.