Hello Beauties, Hope you are doing good.
Today I am sharing one more Navratri Special Nailart. There is nothing new to say about it except this time I have done it on DIY nail tips.
Those tips are made using Sina white UV gel, nailforms and plastic caps used to remove gel polish. I have cured the gel for 30 mins under 12w LED lamp from Melody Susie. Applied top gel and stick the tips on toothpick using a normal clear polish.
They aren’t perfect but I think is good for practice and especially it will save my skin from long time exposure under UV/LED lights. I am having super dry skin now a days which isn’t tolerating use of any harsh chemicals so I am taking break from doing nailart on my real nails and giving my skin time to heal properly. Meanwhile I will keep doing nailart on this kind of DIY tips. Hope you guys will not mind it.
Here is a set of five tips approximately in the size of my real nails with freehand design inspired by a traditional outfit of Navratri. Base polish is a teal green polish no. 85 from Juice Cosmetics, however is looking complete green in a picture.

Here are two videos to show how beautiful it shines. I quite like it. I wish I would have been able to wear it.


Hope you have enjoyed this post. I know I have missed many wonderful posts of you guys, but will catch up them very soon.
Thank you very much for taking time to visit and appreciation. You girls are awesome. 🙂



  1. I hope that your skin will hydrate and get healthier and until than I enjoy seeing the beautiful nail art you make on nail tips. This one came out gorgeous!

  2. Hi dear, thanks. No I don't go out for dandiya. I am one of those Gujarati who don't like to play dandiya but I do love the lovely costumes and an energetic environment around me during festive season, especially during Navratri. 🙂