This is my 100th post :-). I thank you all lovely ladies from the bottom of my heart. Thank you all for making this journey so wonderful and filling it with your love,guidance and support, and ofcourse with colors, glitters,holos,stones etc etc….lol …love you a lot. 🙂

Let’s celebrate this post with this V shape nailart for #OMD3NAILS #31dayschallenge. This challenge is absolutely flexible. You don’t need to do your nails everyday. You can jump in any time.
First of all let me show you a wonderful gift by my sister-in-law. A nail polish set by Seventeen Nail Collection. This is a famous brand in UK. Do I need to tell that I am loving this set? It’s having 9 bottles and some fantastic colors which I love to wear. Look at the shades, it’s having all the colors perfectly suitable for office wear and parties too.

I have tried one bottle named  ‘NIGHTSHADE’ for this particular mani. As you can see in the picture below, it’s not a black shade, it’s having deep dark blue tone just like the sky in night and which is visible under direct sunlight. The formula is very watery. You need to shake it well and will need 3 coats to get the perfect opacity. Here I am wearing 3 layers with a top coat. But it’s ok as the polish dry out fast.

Now, let’s look at this beautiful wheel full of 3D Nailart studs. Born Pretty store was kind enought to send me this studs for my review. You can find this item
here on their store.  You can use my 10% off code (NFAW10) on your purchase.


So, here is what I received from BPS. 🙂  It came in a wheel sealed in a thin plastic bag.

As you can see that this wheel contains round and square nail art studs in gold, silver, pearl, black and diamond colors. They are made of metal and having flat back. so they can lay easily on nail surface.

It’s very easy to apply this studs on nails with a moisturised stick. I have used a toothpick and moistened it using Vaseline.. 😉 and it was able to pick the studs very easily from a wheel. Apply studs on wet surface and then seal in them under top coat. It’s easy, cute and beautiful. It’s perfect for 3D nail arts, and even a lot more combination of this studs are possible to wear on a regular day. 🙂
I loved this studs and wanted to use as more as possible in my nailart, and so here I am with a final look.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Will see you soon with new manicure. Till then stay connected.
Thank you so much for Visiting. 🙂




  1. hahhahha…But let me tell you I too wasn't able to wear this mani for whole day… 😉 …you can understand the reason… 😉 between thanks a lot for liking it! 🙂

  2. Congrats on the 100th post! I love that it's visible that it's blue and not too blackened. I think it looks great with the rhinestones, both golden and silver! Plus I adore your placement of them!

  3. Thank you so much Simona for your kind words! 🙂 I am glad to know you like everything in this mani. That's quite a compliment. ^_^