Happy Weekend Everyone! Today I am sharing my first one stroke flower nail art. Flowers are imperfect but happy with an overall look.
I started with a white base and created Gradient using Juice polishes. I  have used a square brush from a set of brushes I bought from Born Pretty Store. You can find it on their site with Product ID: 32254.  I like the brush as it moves smoothly and creates wonderful strokes. So far I have used three brushes from the set and they works like a charm.
Another product that I have used from Born Pretty store is colorful round nail glitter. In a wheel you will get approximately 1000pcs of colorful 1mm nail glitter sequins. It’s so colorful and can be used in home decoration or in other craft. You can find it on their site with Product ID: 32330
Everything is handpainted using acrylic colors.

How do you like it? Hope you have enjoyed the post. I will see you soon with new post.

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