Today’s quick post is a combo of my current obsession – Pastel and Gradient.

I have created this quick look using my pastel pink,blue and purple polishes and ofcourse a sponge. I always regret for not having that white makeup sponge which most of the nail artists use to create smooth gradinet without that irritating sponge flakes transforming on nails while sponging and ruining the gradient. 🙁

Anyways as i don’t spend much on my nailart passion, i have to stick to the idea of making best out of waste. Yeah, i store sponges i find in paking materials, toothpicks and everything that i feel, i can use for nail art. Do you? then share your ideas and tips. Will love to hear it from you.

Hope you will like this look.

Thank you for visiting/reading/commenting. 🙂


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