Sharing my new watercolor effect flowers. Quite happy with final outcome.


  1. White polish (Or any other shade you like, preferably light shade).
  2. Acrylic colors of choice diluted in water. I have used red, pale pink,purple, white and green acrylic shades. Mix white color in dark shades to get lighter shades.
  3. A thin brush of your choice. No need of extra thin detail brush to create the look.

First draw petals and leafs using light pink and green color diluted in water. Add some dots in middle of flowers using purple color, then add some glitter in the middle and  give outlines using dark shades.  Add some details in leafs and finally conceal everything under clear top coat. I have  used Born Pretty Store’s No Smudge fast drying top coat.

How do you like the manicure?  Would love to read your thoughts.

Thank you for taking time to visit. 🙂



  1. Hi dear! What a marvellous manicure!! The details are so well done!
    Have a great evening! SMuackkkk!!!

    • Nailfame

      Awww…that’s too kind of you! Thank you so much! <3

  2. Very beautiful.
    BTW you should turn off Captcha verification on your comments…its very annoying

    • Nailfame

      Thanks dear. Your point is noted and change is done accordingly. Hope it’s no more annoying. 😉

    • Nailfame

      Awww…that’s a lovely compliment! Thank you very much ! <3