Hello world, Nice to be back here after a long gap.

Here I am reviewing a beautiful silver holographic polish from Born Pretty Store which was sent to me in exchange of my honest review.

Brand: Born Pretty Store

Series: Flourish

Item ID: BP-FH01

Type: Holographic

Colour: Silver

Quantity: 6ml

Price: USD 5.99 – Discounted price USD 5.39

Application: Base (black polish) + 1/2 coats of polish

My Opinion

It’s a classic holographic silver polish. I didn’t find any problem applying the polish. The brush is smooth and the formula is good, not too thin not too thick . The application was easy with quick dry time and no visible brush strokes. The holo effect is very strong under direct sunlight. The effect will very depending upon the light. In case of no light it will look plain silver polish but as soon as a little light will hit on it you will be able to see a lovely linear holographic rainbow effect. I totally love the polish and highly recommend it. A must have polish for every nail polish lover.

You can see  the magic of holo in below images under bright sunlight. I am wearing two coats of Zeus Sword on top of a black base. I have sealed it under Born Pretty Store’s fast dry top coat.

Thank you for taking time to visit. I will see you soon with another holo polish from flourish series by Born Pretty Store.