In continuation of my festival nails series, here i present another mani inspired from a design made on  a ‘dupatta’. I found it in a bunch of old clothes. I loved the colors and handmade designs on it. It’s so vibrant that uplifed my mood to try this quick mani before i go out.

Although the color combo didn’t look much perfect on nails, still it was looking fab in real world, and attractive enough to pull some compliments too. That’s the ultimate thing we neeed after spending hours in painting those little canvases. What say????

So, here are pics of  a festival mani with an inspiration. 🙂

And yeah as you all know, the festival look is always half without a pinch of glitter. So I added Starry Silver glitter on pink part of a mani as my green polish itself is containing tiny glitters.

A Close-up… 😉

This time i tried to capture an image using negative setting and it’s looking so fab, that i can’t resist to post it here.

Hope you liked the post. Will see you soon with new festival mani. Till then stay connected.

Thank you Visiting, Reading/Commenting. 🙂