Time to share my last Elle 18 nail color pop review! This last one is my most favourite among all color pops I bought. The color, the shimmer everything seems gorgeous to me and it looks good on my skin tone too. This one was the oldest bottle in the wrack and the tag is almost washed out, so I do not have any information about name or number this pop is having!

It’s a sky blue shade with lovely shimmer. Perfectly opaque in two coats, but here you see in pictures are three coats with a top coat. Easy to apply. I loved to wear it and it’s shimmery shine was attracting my eyes every now and then! 🙂
I wanted to check if this color pops work in water and yes, they are..So later on top of this lovely blue shade I added some watermarble design. Ahhh it was a happy moement as I am wearing my most favourite nail art style after a looooooong time! 😉 Hope you too will like it! 🙂

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  1. How You do that Your water marble look so great? I like so much this technique but it's never look good when I try do it. ;-(

  2. You've done a great work dear! Well, I've tried one time to do a watermarble, but course, I've to practice more and more!

  3. Wow. How did you do that? make a tutorial sharing some tips may be? I suck at it. always turns into huge mess 🙁
    Your came out so beautiful. I loved it *-*

  4. You know what, My first ever nail art technique was water marble, I came into this wonderful world of nailart, because of this water marbled nails of Collete from mysimplelittlepleasures, she is a marble queen, and I saw almost all the videos she uploaded on youtube and then started to experiment, depending upon that all I can say that you definitely need some fresh creamy polishes,sometimes shimmery polishes too work like a charm in a water, a normal tap water and a needle or toothpick to draw design in a water. keep cleaning your tool and be little quick. Most important part is getting right design on nail and for that practice is the only soltuion. or else best way is to make watermarble decal and cut and paste it in a way you want and enjoy beautiful nails! 🙂 Once you become master you can handle tricky polishes in a water for e.g. the polish which is spreading nicely, drop it first and the one which isn't spreading easily drop it second….etc.

  5. Yes dear! Practice is the only solution! And I know you can do it pretty well! <3 ^_^ Thank you so much for your kind words! 🙂

  6. Awwww dear that's very very kind of you, and I really hope to share my video tutorials, but before that I need to update myself with tools and techniques. I know you must be aware of lots of tips and ticks and lovely videos on youtube by many wonderful nailartist. My water marble guru is Collete from 'mysimplelittlepleausres'. Do visit her on blog and youtube. She is a marble queen. I am sure her videos will inspire you and you will know almost everything about watermarble, surft her older videos for tips. 🙂 ^_^ Thank you for taking time to comment! ^_^

  7. Yes, dry marble technique too works beautifully! Thank you for taking time to comment! 🙂

  8. Thank you so much for your kind words, But I know you too can get perfect marble nails with little practice. Don't stop, just try and try and you will get success! 🙂

  9. Very good tips on watermarbleing…I am not a big fan of water marble but your description makes me want to try it

  10. This is such a wonderful design 🙂 I love the colors 🙂
    Watermarble is so much fun but it can be so frustrating at times… I´m a bit of a perfectionist so watermarbling is maybe not the best thing for me 😉
    I do enjoy it a whole lot though 🙂

  11. Absolutely perfect!! This is such a wonderful water marble, I love the colours and how shimmery it is, I would love to wear this marble! I am always never sure what I will end up with when I marble..I love it when it works but I'm normally too scared to find out if it will haha :)You did an amazing job!

  12. Awww…that would completely be my pleasure if my words can inspire you try watermarble! I am waiting for your marble mani! 🙂

  13. You said it right, water marble is bit tricky but it's fun to try and I really love to wear it on my nails! ^_^

  14. Hahha…you are right, water marble is unpredictable, but you will always end with some good random patterns even though you don't bother about all those perfectly looked marble manis by masters. I love to play with polishes in water and love to produce some random patterns! I am pretty sure you can do it far more better than me of course! 🙂 ^_^