Wishing you all a very happy ‘INDEPENDENCE DAY’. 🙂

India, that is Bharat, is a land of faith. Our freedom fighters has handed over the pride of our Mother nation with a hope that we always will keep it’s pride rising and shining high. In today’s India there are plenty of burning issues but It is best to remember that a country that allows its roots, its traditions and its faith to be treated as a joke, then that country and its people will themselves become the butt end of jokes of the entire world. The point here is outsiders respect our traditions, knowledge and faith while half-baked intellects born and bred here, who ought to know better, pour ridicule on our way of life and traditions. It is not only sad but fraught with dangerous consequences for our future generations. 

“Be Indian, Think Indian and Live Indian.”
 Intelligence, power and wealth should not go to one’s head. They should be carried lightly. Humility is the word. By forgetting our past we cannot progress. If you want pearls you have to be a pearl diver. By merely skimming the surface you cannot acquire pearls. You get only shells. 

Today,let me remember our father of nation Mahatma Gandhi and Missile Man of India Dr. APJ Kalam. They were a true hero with ignited minds and vision to make our nation and entire world a livable and lovable place. They always lead us towards a right way, they has planted their dreams of peace, unity,development and brotherhood. They were true believer and follower of ‘Vasudhaaiv kutumkam’ meaning this whole world is our family.

Let us walk on the feet of our Great Heros who offered their whole lives serving our Mother nation and lets lead entire world again towards peace, wealth and happiness and teach everyone how to stay United despite of all the diversities with a magic of Brotherhood. 

 Vande Bharat Matram! 

Thank you for Visiting and Reading.