Ok Ladies, So as promised in my last post, here  I am with my mosaic nails!

I started with a dark green polish with golden shimmer. Next I painted plain checks using a liner brush and black acrylic paint. After that I filled those squares using my dotting tool and orange, yellow and white acrylic paints. It’s super easy and super fun with endless combinations of colors and pattern.
So, here is an end result! What do you say? Like it or leave it?

I hope you enjoyed these post as much as I enjoyed painting these mani. :-)Thanks so much for Visiting. Will see you soon with new manicure.




  1. Lol….Now that's another perspective…but you see it right I think…between thanks a lot! 🙂

  2. Even this mani is really artistic! It has also a 3d effect. I've never tried with acrylics paints but you're tempting me! =)

  3. Awww that's very sweet of you! It will be my pleasure if my work is encouraging you to try something new, I will tell you just not to wait and give acrylics a try as soon as possible! You are going to love it that's for sure, just like me. I too was in doubt before I started using it frequently, but now I am more comfortable with it especially when you want to do some detailing work. 🙂

  4. This post is too funny. I just painted my nails black and yellow with polka dots (will be up on the blog shortly). Seems like you and I must think alike! Your nails look great!

  5. Lol…Happy to find a match finally! 😉 Thanks a lot for those lovely words! 🙂