It’s review time again and today in review is Space Cadet and Valentine Glitter form Tip Top Nails, South Africa.

So let’s get into some swatches and review of this two lovelies.

First in line, is a Space Cadet. Isn’t this name so exiting…. 😉

Dark Shade Lovers: Just go for it…And if you admire some shiny lil flakes combined with a dark shade, what are you waiting for? This deep dark teal with shiny lil blue flakes, might be your next favorite dark shade… 🙂
Ohwww…loook at this…..dosn’t it looks like as if lots of small star glitter gathered in a space….absolutely beautiful…. <3
Being a fan of dark shade…It is irresistible for me to stay away from such dark beauties;-) ….but hey you lovelies…applying a base coat before you apply this gorgeous color on your nails is highly advisable.
Look at this….You can notice the color difference. This shade looks very different with real eyes and in camera eyes…but the second pic is very close to how it looks with real eyes.
And ya, Hold on …There is one tip before you apply this shade, you need to be very precise and cover your first coat very smoothly and evenly when you apply second coat. I recommend you to apply first coat bit thicker then normal.
And do not hesitate to apply third one if you are not satisfied with the opacity, because this nail lacquers are really fast drying. Here in this pics I too have applied three coats. Sometimes Top coat is useful to highlight glitters in a polish, especially when it’s a dark shade. In this pics I too have added thin layer of clear top coat to highlight pretty glitters.



Ahhh…because of the rainy season…I wasn’t able to capture the shiny beauty of this shade in sunlight. 🙁


A Close Up… 🙂

Outside Pic without flash…. 🙂


Inside pic with Camera Flash… 🙂

Inside pic without Flash 🙂 Can you see that space effect!!!! 😉

Inside pic without camera flash… 🙂

And this one is my fav…. <3 <3 <3…no flash..captured near window to take advantage of natural light. And that works absolutely fine… 🙂

Second in review is Valentine Glitter…It’s a clear polish with lots of big heart Shaped holo flakes. Absolutely Stunning… <3

I made this round (well almost I can say..;-) ) by pasting single flakes and then applied bit of glitter inside it…..

Ohww…Searching for my goggles… 😉









Weeelllll….What to say?!?… I will say it a beauty on top of beauty…What say???? 🙂

And finaly here is the conclusion…;-)))

Hope you enjoyed this post.

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