Here is black and gold classy look using #BornprettyStore’s golden stripe which I was sent for this review. You can find it here on BPS site. It’s available in different colors, mine is a golden one. 
Here you can see a pocket friendly stripe sheet is well packed inside a small silver cardboard pack which was sealed in a thin transparent plastic. A sheet is stuck onto a white flexible sheet to prevents it from damage.  There are different size of stripes.
On the back of a sheet you can find instructions about how to use stripes.
Don’t have a steady hand? don’t worry this stripes are just perfect to wear those straight lined manis. Born Pretty Store’s stripes are beautiful. They look super gorgeous,but make sure your base is not bleeding,otherwise as soon as you will apply top coat, it will ruin your nailart. If you like trying different designs on your nails then I would happily recommend it to you! 🙂
I started with black polish as my base. When my base was ready and dry enough I applied stripes on it . Use tweezers ( here I have used the one form BPS again.. ;-)) to pick the stripe and using scissor cut them into small pieces, as you can see in pictures below. Finally seal your nailart using top coat. Now you are ready to go!!! Isn’t it quick, beautiful and eye catchy? Have you tried any of this stripes from Born Pretty Store? How was your experience?
Final output…. 🙂
Hope you like this look. Will see you soon with new manicure. Till then stay connected. 🙂
And yes, as always thank you so much for visiting. 🙂


  1. Awwww…Will love to see you wearing this nail art on your nails. It will look more beautiful. Thank you !