Yeah…I did it…so finally I am on my way to draw straight lines with steady hand. I was always jealous of those pretty ladies having very very steady hands and creating wonders on small canvases.

One of my greatest inspirators is Lacquerstyle. She is damn creative and super cool artist.  Just have a look at here. You will know why I am a big fan of her.  She is a FLOWER art QUEEN and having her own style. You are surely going to die to learn this technique. Just take a look at this tutorial, and you will not need any further clarifications.

Oh Sorry, I just forgot I was talking about my manicure… 😉

So without westing more time let’s have some pictures of my manicure inspired by the style of LACQUER STYLE.

Here are the pics taken outside under direct sunlight.

I have used Space Cadet from Tip Top Nails, South Africa as my base and have used white polish  from VOV along with copper acrylic color to draw the lines and strokes.Yeah little bit disappointed as actually I wanted to complete this design with nail color only. 🙁 but, I liked no other nail color in my collection to use for this manicure.  But the way this manicure turned out, finally uplifted my mood.. 😉

Enjoy few more pics of this mani taken inside a room near window to use naturall light.

And ya, At last I admit…I am at no where compared to Lacquer Style. She is my inspiration and I want to continue to learn a lot from her and keep practicing to achieve more better result in future.

Thank you for Visiting, Reading/Commenting.

Will see you soon with new mani. Till then stay connected.



  1. I love them! The color combination is so great. Thank you for the lovely compliments as well! 🙂

  2. @Kristin : OMG!!! Compliments from you!!!! This is such a proud moment for me…So Glad to know you liked it…Thank you so much… :-)))